HEALTH+ is on a mission to change people’s lives by giving them direct access to doctors when they need them – 24/7 from wherever they are, and getting people access to the medications they need at the lowest price possible.


Every day, low-income Americans struggle to get access to healthcare and medications – seeing a doctor and buying prescription medications just cost too much for people who are living paycheck to paycheck. People are often put in the position where they need to make a choice with their limited budgets: pay for a doctor’s visit and medication or pay the rent.  Even if they have insurance - Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance - people in hourly-wage jobs may struggle to get time off, especially at the last minute, to visit a healthcare provider. And then there are logistical barriers such as transportation and coordinating childcare.  And what if you do not speak English or are undocumented?

HEALTH+ is on a mission to get people access to healthcare and the medications they need.


HEALTH+ is a suite of two proven products, Teladoc and Clever RX, providing people with access to quality healthcare and low-cost prescription medications. Teladoc gives its 20+ million users access to boardcertified doctors on demand by a phone call, or using the Teladoc app on their smartphone, the user can have a video chat with a medical doctor.

Clever RX is a discount prescription card that can be usedto source the lowest cost prescription drugs that a patient has been prescribed. It can be used at most pharmacies nationwide by presenting a physical card or a smartphone app (which allows the user to locate the lowest cost nearby provider).


Deploying these products to residents of affordable housing gives them the tools to maintain good health in an economical way. It can be distributed rapidly and monitored to assess its utility to residents while protecting privacy in accordance with HIPAA requirements. Landlords benefit when they have healthy residents. It means residents are not missing work and potentially putting their income in jeopardy. It means renters have more money in their pocket when they pay as little as possible for prescription drugs. It means lower costs to the landlord due to eviction and turnover.


HEALTH+ is provided as a group plan through landlords who pay for the service and administer who has access through an easy-to-use online portal. 

Residents get access to doctors 24/7 and can call as often as needed – there are no additional charges. They also get access to Clever RX’s discount prescription medications at local pharmacies.

Teladoc services are provided in 240 languages (through bilingual Spanish speaking doctors and through a 3rd party interpreter for other languages).


The Paragin Group and its founders have been providing healthcare and insurance products throughout the U.S. for over 20 years. During the same period, Innovation Ventures has been working at the intersection of housing and technology. Building on that experience, we have created HEALTH+ as a way for low-income Americans to get access to the doctors and prescription medications they need and deserve.

We invite you to join us.

Matt Hoffman, Partner


Jon Larranaga, Partner


Eric Dreisen, Partner